Saskatchewan Gen Web Volunteers are working to make these Resources available online to locate your ancestor: Tracing your ancestral names; where and when they lived in Saskatchewan with documentation

by providing

Postal Adresses and internet links for  Genealogical and Historical Societies

Rural Municipality, town, village and government offices and addresses for burial/cemetery information after query boards, mailing lists, library and cemetery resources are utilised

Other links of interestfor the World Wide researcher delving into their family tree  in Saskatchewan

Discover the Gen Web regions of Saskatchewan, offering webpage information at the local level.

Saskatchewan Gen Web (new)

Saskatchewan  Gen Web, the resource and database projects and Saskatchewan Regionsare an online centre for free online genealogy assistance, resources, listings, and databases and information.  The Gen Webs receivetranscripts, photographs, and digitized genealogical information from interested citizens, historians and genealogists and the Gen Web volunteers place it online for free access.

Saskatchewan Gen Web was taken offline by the Rootsweb/ IT department to work on issues in their system.Saskatchewan  Gen Web, the resource and database projects and all the Saskatchewan Regions are restoring data at to serve you better until Rootsweb/ is successful in restoring the original Rootsweb pages.

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