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Online historical map digitization project was online at and that service is now under maintenance.  The historical maps were those in the public domain with expired copyright or those maps for which permissions were obtained if the maps were still under copyright.  The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Maps were the first to go online including the very first Wheat Pool map published by the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, 1924 and the centennial version 1984.  These maps were handy as they showed the  townships, ranges, CPR and CNR rail lines, elevators and towns which no longer exist in Saskatchewan and assist the genealogist to locate ancestral homestead, and scrip locations. The 1925 Saskatchewan highway map showing the original highways "on the square" and the 1924 Rand McNally Map of Saskatchewan soon followed.  These also showed township and ranges.  An assortment of Cummins maps c1922-1930 and Waghorn Railway Guides were also helpful, as was a complete 1905 map of Canada.  

From this assortment of maps, a listing of close to 4,000 Saskatchewan placenames was compiled on Saskatchewan Gen Web to assist the genealogist in determining where their ancestor may have lived.  Many Saskatchewan places are no longer in existence as the motor vehicle replaced horse and buggy.  A horse and buggy or ox and cart can only travel a short distance before resting as compared to motorized vehicular travel.  The need for places located every six to ten miles apart started fading away in the 1960s as highways were straightened and asphalt laid down.


Ancestor correspondence may have referred to an address as being residence in a "district."  Pioneering families often claimed as their address the closest post office "OR" the school district which was the heart of the community.  For this reason, the Saskatchewan One Room School House Project was started on Saskatchewan Gen Web  This Saskatchewan One Room School House Project  is beginning again at  

Such an endeavour assisting genealogists with addresses, also facilitates the finding of the closest cemetery or pertinent local history book.  The Saskatchewan One Room School House also posts historical photographs, contemporary photos of school house cairns and monuments, biographies of students, teachers and school inspectors, school district maps, timelines and history of education in Saskatchewan.  If you have any information you would wish to share, please email


Local history books, historical books have been completely digitized at Saskatchewan Gen Web and other books have had their indexes digitized online.


The Ancestor Recognition Project digitized photographs and transcriptions of Saskatchewan cemeteries on Ancestry/ Ron Isherwood of Nokomis Sk, (October 9, 1946 – August 9, 2017) began the Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project on Rootsweb/  Both these projects are under maintenance by Rootsweb/

The Canada Gen Web Project Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project is compiling cemetery photographs, and a number of transcriptions without photos are still online.  A number of cemetery photographs from the are being transferred to the Canada Gen Web Project Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project!!! This will again place cemetery photographs online while Ancestry/ is under maintenance.  Submissions are accepted!!

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