Explore the Table of Contents for the Saskatchewan Gen Web E-Magazine.  Information about locating homesteads or scrip locations in Saskatchewan.  History of the Saskatchewan Normal Schools and teacher education at the turn of the twentieth century.  Medicare history, military chronicles, cemetery information, and resource allocation are just a few of the stories found on the Saskatchewan Gen Web E-Magazine hosted on Word Press, Blogger and Live Journal.  Submissions, biographies, historical and ancestral ancedotes relating to Saskatchewan are welcome                              

Table of Contents to 

Genealogy and History pages.

Grandma’s Memories

Smith-Stevenson Road Naming Celebration

Should Genealogy Research be Conducted Scientifcally?

7 Big Things Genealogists Must Know to Succeed

Locating Saskatchewan Ancestors together

Swift Current Gen Web’s Amazing History

What are the sensational timeline events? Saskatoon Gen Web Region

Maps and the lost Placename

Little Known Battle of Iwuy

Birth Place Mystery Resolved

2017 Heritage Festival of Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Heritage Week February 20-24, 2017

Centenary Cemetery

Caragana ~ A Pink Ribbon Campaign

Country Roads Leading Home ~ locating legal land locations in the field

Saskatchewan Clouds ~ Ancestor stories

Locate Your Saskatchewan Place-name

Saskatchewan’s Health Care Evolution Towards Medicare – Part 1

Saskatchewan’s Health Care Evolution Towards Medicare – Part 2

Will these World War I War Medals Make Their Way Home? Can you help? 

Regina Public Library Prairie History Blog Review

World War One Remembered at the University of Saskatchewan

Montgomery Place Est. in 1946 by Our War Veterans.

Iceland to Saskatchewan

D-Day, June 6, 1944, 70th Anniversary Commemoration ~ Are you ready for a trip to France? 

Millions of Archival Newspaper Pages Set to Go Online

Saskatchewan Evolutionary Changes

Rural Municipalities of Saskatchewan

Rich History of 1885: Northwest Rebellion

1921 Canada Census: Place of Habitation :: Rural Municipalities

Finnish Saskatchewan Genealogy Research

Is My Ancestor’s Grave Marked with a Tombstone?

Who Maintains Saskatchewan’s Cemeteries?

Montgomery Place Est. in 1946 by our War Veterans

Naval Monument honours Royal Canadian Navy prairie seamen and RCN shipsH.M.C.S. Regina (K234) and H.M.C.S. Weyburn (K 173)

Moose Jaw Normal School ~ Endless Echoes

Moose Jaw Normal School ~ Endless Echoes ~ BIBLIOGRAPHY

 Saskatoon Normal School ~ A History ~ Education is the movement from darkness to light. 

 Saskatoon Normal School ~ BIBLIOGRAPHY ~ Education is the movement from darkness to light. 

 From potential to realty ~ The Regina Normal School. 

H.W. Balfour’s Truly Impressive Career. Recognized for Outstanding Civic Service and Meritorious Military Achievement.

Reno Hill School District 5158; Memories of When the Water Came or The price paid for electricity

One Room Schoolhouse Naming

Bert McKay of Moosomin Sk, Newspaperman

Saskatchewan in 1921 and the 1921 Census.

Saskatchewan in 1921 and the 1921 Census.

Saskatchewan Census News Release

Cemetery Preservation: Preserving Landscapes of Memories Part 1

Part 2 Cemeteries, the silent historian

Part 3 Archaeological Cemeteries

Part 4 Recording and Memorialising

Part 5 Cemetery Vacations

Part 6 Save our Saskatchewan Cemeteries

Part 7 Heritage Cemeteries listing

Steamships All Aboard! on the Saskatchewan

Navigation of the Saskatchewan. Steamers

Saskatchewan Gen Web ~ Transportation

Ballad of the Saskatchewan ~ A Poem

The Aged Pilot Man ~ A Poem

William Wallace Gibson ~ First Flight of a Canadian Airplane ~ Birdman of Balgonie

Michelle Lang- Canadian Journalist Jan 31, 1975-Dec 30, 2009 Kandahar, Afghanistan Casualty

Saskatchewan Virtual War Memorial Site Updated Lest We Forget

How Did Saskatchewan Pioneers Homestead?

Distance Learning ~The History of the Saskatchewan Correspondence School

 The Drastic Shortage of Teachers in Saskatchewan’s History and A small sampling of Teacher wanted ads.

Schools Close: Lack of Teachers in Saskatchewan’s History

Saskatchewan School Inspection of One Room Schoolhouses

Celebrate Saskatchewan ~ From Many People’s Strength ~ Anniversary Quiz Anwers

Saskatchewan ~ From Many People’s Strength ~ Birthday Quiz

Uncovering Historical Census and Cemetery Records ~ Answers to Quiz 2 Abundance Abounds

Landmarks and Geophysical Saskatchewan Placenames. Quiz Two. 

The Value of Standardizing Placenames for Genealogists. Quiz Answers.

Test Your Knowledge of Saskatchewan’s Placenames. Quiz.

Visiting your Ancestor’s Homestead – Planning a summer vacation?

Saskatchewan Normal School ~ the heritage of teacher training institutes.

Saskatchewan and the Emerald Isle in honour of St. Patrick’s day

Marriages from Humboldt, Saskatchewan Journal – Oct 1905 to Dec 1 1921 

Tribute to Mammy Hayes and the Shiloh People
African Canadian History in Saskatchewan
Canada recognizes February as Black History Month

Maybe the Ghosts Will Live Again
Saskatchewan Ghost Towns… Do you have oral history about a Saskatchewan placename not on a current map? How do you find those communities which were once dotted around the prairie every six miles or so? 

How do I locate my Ancestor’s Home Town in SK?

When Were Saskatchewan Homestead Applications Available? 

How do the Saskatchewan 2011 Canadian Census
Statistics Compare to History? Census show the growth and evolution of the province 

Why were Canadian “Last Best West” homesteads created?

Evolution of Saskatchewan’s Historical Census 

There is new information online for Saskatchewan researchers!
What can be found at the NEW
Saskatchewan Provincial Archives website? 

How did Pioneers Travel to their Prairie Homestead?

Where were Saskatchewan Homesteads Located?
An informative look at pioneers and how to find their ancestral homes in Saskatchewan. 

Are there genealogy web sites that can compete with Ancestry.com? The Era of Saskatchewan One Room School Houses
The little white one room school house, what is remembered about it?

Love and Marriage in Saskatchewan
A Guide to Locating Marriage Certificates in SK 


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