Book Look Ups

Look up Volunteers, offer to provide a look up service to genealogists and family historians. There were local history books compiled by authors and local history committees in the province's 50th anniversary (1955), for the 75th anniversary (1980), and again for the 100th anniversary (2005).  The various communities gathered together for parades and reunions during these times, and captured memories and reminiscences in books.  If you wish to volunteer, send in an email, and the look up pages will be started on the local regional gen webs.  

For instance:

I do wish to volunteer for lookups. I have two books that may be of interest:


As the Carrot Flows: A Story Told 


Our Courageous Pioneers : History of Gronlid and Surrounding Districts of Argus, Athol, Edenbridge, Freedom, Maryville, Murphy Creek, Sandhill Creek, Taelman, Taras, Teddington.


My family were in the Brooksby/Maryville area from 1902 until about 1940 before they all headed east to Ontario. I have extended family out in the area still.  My contact email for lookups should be


Have a lovely weekend!




Steve Cureatz